Heat Leads to Rising Energy Costs

7-17-06 The rising heat combined with soaring energy costs is leaving some local residents in both physical and financial danger.

Just about everyone cringed or will when they get their energy bill this month. For some, it will just be too much to pay.

In some instances the energy companies will help, but in others, you might have to look elsewhere.

211 in Grayson County says about 70 percent of the calls they took today were all from people left in the heat and looking for help after their electricity was cut off.

The Texoma Council Of Governments is one of several organizations in the area that serve as advocates between the customers and companies. They help as many as they can with their bills. But those funds are limited.

The energy companies are restricted somewhat. The public utility commission in Texas says companies like TXU and reliant cannot disconnect in counties that are under a heat advisory.

In Oklahoma, the magic number is 101. If the forecasted high is 101 or above, they will not cut electricity to anyone.

The Public Utility Commission has filed a petition to ban the disconnection of electricity through the month of September.