Judge Target of D.A. Complaint

7-18-06 - The District Attorney's office in Grayson County is filing a grievance with the Texas Judicial Ethics Commission after a visiting judge confiscated a KXII news camera and erased the tape inside.

The incident happened Friday afternoon after the sentencing hearing of a Sherman attorney who had been convicted of his 3rd DWI. Judge Andrew Kupper sentenced Gary Corley to 5 months probation.

While the KXII camera crew was waiting outside the courtroom doors on public property, Judge Kupper walked into the hallway. As he passed the camera, he placed his hand over the lens and then grabbed the entire camera and tripod. He raised his voice to the reporter and claimed he had told her not to videotape him. The judge carried the equipment downstairs and then ordered a bailiff to review the tape and delete any video of the judge. Once that happened, the camera and tape were released.

The DA's office is looking into whether criminal action occurred. Judge Kupper says he felt he had the right to confiscate the equipment, but in hindsight he admits he probably overreacted.