Sherman Attorney Gets More Jail Time

7-19-06 A Sherman attorney convicted of a 3rd DWI will serve more jail time. On Wednesday, a Dallas County judge sentenced Gary Corley to 90 days in jail for violating probation on his 2nd DWI conviction.

The decision came just five days after a visiting judge in Grayson County sentenced him to five years probation and 15 days in the Grayson County Jail.

Some say the judge's decision still isn't enough. But Gary Corley is ready to serve his time and move on.

He was caught driving without an interlocking device on his car, plus his recent felony DWI conviction in Grayson County.

After taking the stand this afternoon, Gary Corley admitted he is an alcoholic but is getting treatment.

The prosecutor asked for the maximum one year sentence, but Dallas Judge Elizabeth Crowder gave Corley 90 days in jail.

The 15 days Corley is serving in the Grayson County Jail will be subtracted from the 90 days in Dallas County. Dallas County also subtracts days on account of good behavior.