18-Wheeler Standoff, Chase

7-23-06 - FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - A man who held a truck driver hostage for more than four hours surrendered to police late Sunday after they fired tear gas into the cab of the 18-wheeler. The woman
driver ran to safety.

A man took a truck driver hostage and led police on a chase for more than three hours across the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area before Department of Public Safety troopers disabled the 18-wheeler by shooting the engine block and tires.

A standoff ensued as the man forced his hostage, the woman who drove the truck, into the back of the cab, according to television

Shortly before the truck stopped, the man spoke on the phone with an WFAA television reporter about injustice toward black men. WFAA reports he told her he did not believe the chase would end peacefully.

Police in armored vehicles and cruisers pursued the truck Sunday afternoon since 4:20 when the chase began near Fairview in Collin

It ran along tollways into downtown Dallas and neighborhoods on the southside of Dallas before heading out on Interstate 20 and west of Fort Worth.

For much of the chase, the truck ran on its tireless front rims, traveling at speeds of five to ten miles per hour. The truck stopped in West Tarrant County.

The truck carried the logos for GTS, or Gainey Transportation Services.

A man answering the telephone at GTS in Grand Rapids, Mich.,
said the company had no comment.