Camper Destination Suffers Sewage Break

7-26-06 The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is working this week to repair a sewer line break at their biggest campsite.

Park officials say a four inch discharge in their sewer system broke late Saturday night.

That part of the line provides service to the Buckhorn Campground, their largest site. The campground is home to at least 134 campsites, and during the busy summer months they say this break came at one of the worst possible times.

Heat and extreme drought conditions are to blame for the break. They say the ground shifting likely caused it. Luckily for the park, the break happened at a time of the week where their population is the lowest. They were able to use backups to replace the broken line in the system until the current one was fixed.

Park officials say the age of the line may have had something to do with the break. It was more than 60 years old.