Dogs Attack Pets in Rural Grayson

8-10-06 Grayson County authorities are keeping their eyes peeled for three dogs that neighbors say are extremely dangerous. They claim three Rottweilers near Ida have killed pets and wounded others.

The neighborhood sits off FM 697 near Ida. A cocker spaniel named Molly narrowly escaped after being attacked by three Rottweilers this week. But that same gang of dogs is being blamed for the deaths of several more pets, including a goat belonging to Molly's owner.

Another neighbor told us seven of her cats were killed after they left a shed door cracked open.

No one has been able to find who the dogs belong to, but patience is wearing very thin and trigger fingers are starting to get itchy.

Grayson County deputies were out here last night, and animal control came out last night and has been out looking for the dogs. Right now they are still looking into the attacks and are trying to get a hold of the dogs’ owners.