Sales Tax Revenue on the Increase

8-10-06 Shoppers in Grayson County are giving area cities a better budget. This week, monthly sales tax revenues came in for Sherman and Denison and show a continued upswing.

At the beginning of the year, Sherman predicted they'd have about a ten percent increase in sales tax. They are up sixteen percent.

Mayor Bill Magers says there are three reasons for that: an economy that's growing everywhere, the emergence of a town center, and also the new beer and wine sales. But right next door in Denison with no town center, they are up as well at around 15 percent.

All the industry that has come to the area is making a difference, and it's one that will trickle down to property owners.

In Sherman, they say they are getting back to where they were in the late 90s right before several industries left town.