Local Shelters Full During Heat Wave

8-10-06 - As temperatures rise, local shelters are bursting at the seams this summer. The Salvation Army of Grayson County says their latest residents claim they could handle the heat for a couple of months but now it's evaporating their bank accounts.

It's a similar story at the Grayson County Shelter, where dozens of people have flooded their location in the last week. The shelter is so busy that workers have converted storage spaces into bedrooms. On Wednesday alone, 12 new residents moved in but the shelter had to turn more than that away.

Namon Adamson, a father of four, says he is just thankful to have a place to sleep. "It's hot, we still have people up here from the hurricane and just economically, we can't afford to live," says Adamson.

Others who seek the free shelter say they’ve spent all their money on high electricity bills and fuel, which in some cases led to evictions.

At the Salvation Army, a person can stay two nights, no questions asked.

The Grayson County Shelter asks for any kind of donation right now, especially paper plates, cups, and plastic forks.