Denison postal worker fired for allegedly burning residents' mail

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DENISON, Tex. ― They bring us the mail, rain, sleet, or snow, but one Denison postal employee is accused of burning residents’ mail. Josh Stevenson has more.

Federal authorities are now looking into an accusation that a USPS mail carrier has been burning Denison residents' mail.

The Office of the Inspector General investigates this type of crime, and it is one they say is rare.

That Denison postal worker, Richard Barber, was fired after reportedly burning mail, a serious offense.

"If an individual delays or destroys mail that is also punishable by up to 5 years in prison and their is a fine associated with that as well," Kenny Smith says.

The United States Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General investigates internal crime and fraud against the Postal Service.

"Out of 700,000 employees ,which is roughly the size of a major u.s. city, when you have that size population, you are going to have a few bad apples," Smith says.

While the investigation into Mr. Barber's actions has just begun, and no charges have been filed, federal authorities say mail theft is a serious crime.

"In the event we do have somebody who commits a crime, we vigorously pursue those cases, and seek to prosecute those individuals who are responsible for that,"

But postal authorities stress the vast majority of postal workers are honest, hardworking people who do their jobs well.

Denison residents like John Apodaca agree

"By and large, they do a fantastic job. Everything gets to where it supposed to get to. There's examples of people making mistakes all throughout our society, so if there is a postal carrier that has chosen to make mistakes, I don’t think that is out of the ordinary. I think law enforcement will take care of that," Apodaca says.

If you think you have been a victim or would like to report a postal crime, check the link below the story.

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