Crews Hit Gas Line in Sherman

08-16-06 - A major gas line was hit in Sherman Wednesday morning. It happened about 11:45 AM. Police say a three inch, medium pressure gas line was severed, when a TX-DOT construction crew accidentally hit it.

The crew was working to move the junction box on a traffic light at the corner of Houston and Rusk streets. TX-DOT says they called Atmos energy before beginning the construction to learn of any nearby lines, but the line was not marked.

Eleven hundred students, faculty and teachers from Piner Middle School were evacuated, along with 22 people from Jack and Jen Daycare. Eight other people were evacuated at a nearby church.

Evacuees were taken to the municipal ballroom downtown, and held while the break was fixed. During that time, traffic units closed down a perimeter from Elm to Lamar St. and Pecan to the highway 75 service road.

Police are asking parents to take an alternative route when picking up children at Piner Middle School: take Washington Street down to Rusk Street.