Monument Dedicated in Atoka

8-16-06 - A non-partisan group dedicated a granite monument of the 10 Commandments on the lawn of the Atoka County Courthouse Wednesday night, as a U.S. senator looked on. Supporters say it’s a unified effort to show that the nation’s courts are wrong in recent decisions over religious displays.

The display was actually erected 5 months ago. Since then, no one has filed a complaint or raised the issue in court. Nancy Hyatt, who was on the committee who helped raise financing for the monument, says “It's a celebration of America, it's a free country, it's the code of ethics of our founding fathers."

The Atoka/Coal Conservative Coalition is also placing a similar monument in front of the Coal County Courthouse.

Senator Tom Coburn attended the ceremony in Atoka and also visited the Coal site. The Senator says he believes the Supreme Court has been wrong in recent decisions and he applauds the decision of locals to erect the monument. "We embrace our heritage, not to put anyone down, but to recognize who is in control,” said Coburn.