Drought Leads to Tree Deaths

8-17-06 - The lack of rain is causing trees to falls in local counties. Officials are hurrying to bring them down before they fall into roads.

For the past few months in Grayson County precinct two, crews are working almost daily cutting down trees towering more than 50 feet high, a preventative measure.

More than 1400 miles of county-maintained roads stretch through Grayson, and foremen estimate there is at least one hazardous tree along each mile.

With a little push from a storm, officials say the dead trees on county roads can fall easily, which is dangerous for drivers passing through, especially at night.

Grayson isn't the only local county dealing with this problem. Over in Fannin and Cooke counties commissioners say they're going through the same thing. Up in Bryan County crews are also working to keep the trees clear of roads.