Phone Alert System Targets Sex Offenders

8-17-06 - It's been almost a year since Sherman went to a telephone system to alert neighborhoods about sex offenders. While the phones are ringing, officers say some people are still getting their wires crossed.

For years you could find new sex offenders in your area, but how many people were actually reading?

For the last 11 months, if you live in Sherman and a sex offender moves within a mile and a half of your home, you get phone call giving you the person's name, address, and physical description.

Sherman PD says they are getting flooded with calls to see if it’s legit. With at least one or two sex offenders re-locating each week, the phone calls then go out to the neighborhood, and lately have led to some mixed signals.

The different types of sex offender notification vary from place to place. In Durant, an officer will usually go door to door in the area. But other cities like Denison rely primarily on the county website to get that information out.