New Kind of Justice in Fannin Co.

06-22-06 - The amount of cases, convictions and jury verdicts are up in Fannin County. That might seem as though crime is up too, but rather it's an increase that began almost two years ago when a new DA, sheriff, and county clerk took office. They have been putting them away in Fannin County faster than they ever have before.

Court administration numbers show the amount of cases have doubled this year, about 600 of them as opposed to last year, all while the case dismissals are down and all while the crime rate has not seen as significant an increase.

Instead, the DA's office chalks it up to more efficient work around the county courthouse. Fannin County law enforcement underwent training in writing better reports for prosecutors who have taken more cases to trial.

It's starting to show at the county jail. A record 26 jury verdicts have been returned this year, a record that smashes the previous high.

Even with the amount of cases are up, Fannin County still has the same amount of prosecutors they have had since 1992. Their request for more this year was denied by commissioners, but the DA's office says they will ask again next year.

DD Richard Glaser and Fannin County Sheriff Kenneth Moore both took office at the same time in 2005.