Dallas-Style Development in Gunter

It may not be long before a piece of the Dallas suburbs reaches Grayson County. Land annexed by Gunter and purchased by a developer could be the sight of something the area hasn't seen before.

Florida based Bluegreen communities have built scenic living spots across the country and have now partnered with the city of Gunter to put their next one right here.

The city of Gunter annexed 1500 acres as a part of the partnership, and plans suggest they will need almost every inch. Over the next then years they plan 2,000 homes, valued between $300,000 and $600,000, centered around a golf course and a suburban development unique to Grayson County.

The city of Gunter’s population could quadruple given the developer's plans, meaning a need for more city services. But when the people come, the tax dollars do follow.

The first phase of homes is expected to be built over the next year. The golf course will be playable in 2008.