Alan Crone Bids Farewell

9-5-06 - After 10 years as KXII’s Chief Meteorologist, Alan Crone is saying goodbye to viewers on September 5th. The veteran forecaster has accepted a position at the CBS affiliate in Tulsa where he will work the morning shift, allowing more time to spend with his young family in the evenings.

“Leaving KXII was a tough decision,” said Alan. “This area has been my family’s home for most of our lives.”

Alan’s pending departure began a nationwide search for his replacement 5 months ago, and allowed Alan to take part in choosing his successor. Alan chose Steve LaNore, a 22-year veteran of forecasting. Steve has spent his entire career covering storms and weather patterns in Texas and Oklahoma. With a meteorological degree from Texas A&M, Steve has worked on the air in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Ft. Smith and Victoria, Texas. Steve begins work on September 19th.

“Alan’s departure posed one of our greatest challenges in my 12 years at KXII,” said News Director Matt Brown. “Alan is the area’s top-ranked forecaster, and in our search for a new chief, we couldn’t settle for anyone who didn’t rival his abilities and personality. We’ve found that with Steve – a great forecaster and citizen in the tradition of Alan, Tom Miller and Dale Jones,” said Brown.

Steve brings some hefty credentials to the table. He has been awarded the Seal of Approval by the American Meteorological Association – a high honor coveted by television forecasters. Both Alan Crone and Tom Miller have earned their AMS Seals in recent years. Steve was also honored separately by the Associate Press Broadcasters in both Texas and Arkansas for Best Weathercast.

Steve’s philosophy on weather coverage is a simple one: “My first and foremost duty is to provide quick and accurate information to viewers during severe local storms. This may help save lives and assist people in making split-second decisions. Secondly, everybody wants a reliable forecast. I will strive to provide you with a very well thought out and researched weather product each and every night on Channel 12. Finally, when the weather is slow, I like to have a little fun. Perhaps we’ll meet on the street, at the store, in a school classroom or out at the lake. Please stop and say hello.”

Just like Crone, family is important to Steve. In fact, it’s one of the reasons he chose Texoma as his new home. “My wife Gera and I have been looking for a change from the big-city life of places like Austin and Dallas,” said Steve. “We’ve found that in the Texoma area – where our values closely match those in the KXII viewing area.”

You’ll begin seeing Steve LaNore on September 19th, working in the newest and most advanced forecasting center in the viewing area. The level of commitment to weather coverage by KXII was also a key reason Steve took the job. Website users can view a web-only conversation between Alan and Steve by following the video link.

He’ll lead a team of degreed meteorologists with a combined 42 years experience in forecasting – the most experienced team in Texoma. Tom Miller is entering his 19th year on the air for KXII, bringing you accurate forecasts every morning on First News AM and First News at Noon. Meteorologist Megan Krannig hails from North Texas and trained in meteorological studies at the University of Oklahoma. She assists in the weather center during the week and anchors the weather team on weekends.

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