Labor Day Travel: Gas Prices

09-01-06 - For a lot of Americans, Labor Day travel may well have come down to this: Would it take as long to stand in the security line as it would to just drive to where you're going? Triple-A says the answer in many cases turned out to be "yes."

The auto club expects the number of people flying this holiday weekend to be down by almost 100,000 from a year ago. Spokesman John Townsend says the aggravation from the heightened security, combined with cheaper gas, led a lot of people to just hop in the car. About those gas prices, the people at Triple-A say they're down a quarter a gallon in the last two weeks.

They expect 35 million Americans to be traveling, though stormy weather may keep people in the mid-Atlantic home. And Townsend also warns Labor Day is one of the worst weekends for drunken drivers.

Local gas prices in the area are lower than in the past weeks. Gas is available at some locations in Denison for as low as $2.38. But on the other side of the river in Durant gas is found as high as $2.95.

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