Local Day Care Under State Investigation

09-01-06- A local day care center in business for almost 35 years is now being investigated by the Department of Human Services. In its three decades, the Fran Drummond Care Center in Madill has seen its fair share of youngsters run in out the doors. Never once has a Department of Human Services employee been called in to investigate an incident, until August 18th.

A day care employee called DHS after she witnessed another teacher mistreat a child, leaving bruises. The child’s mother removed him from the day care and since that day, both the complainant and day care director have resigned. The state department will not comment any further on cameras, but say nothing like this has happened before, and licensing records back them up.

The Fran Drummond Care Center is a nationally accredited, non-profit organization licensed to care for up to 120 children. The center has received the prestigious three star seal for quality in education. For now, the investigation is in the hands of state officials.