Investigators Examine Boat Crash

09-04-06 - Investigators say they are closer to finding out what caused the boat accident that killed five people on Lake Texoma over the Labor Day weekend.

On Monday, investigators were back on the scene and divers went into the water looking for debris, hoping to find out what went wrong on Saturday.

Gordon Mineo, his wife Ann and their passengers Justin and Amy lane were all killed. Myra Gibson, a passenger in a second boat also died.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol isn't offering any theories about the cause yet, but they have interviewed the lone survivor, Bruce Gibson of Tennessee, who's still recovering at a Dallas hospital.

Investigators are also looking at the physical evidence to determine the direction and force of impact. Authorities used sonar equipment to track down debris underwater and bring it to the surface. Officials say once they get more pieces of the puzzle together they'll know more about the cause of the crash.