Ardmore PD Working to Improve

09-05-06 - The city of Ardmore is growing, and the police department is determined to stay one step ahead by launching a strategic planning program to help them gauge goals and challenges in the future.

The city went through the process with the public works department a couple of years ago but it's never been done with the police department. One of the Mayor’s goals this year is to make the police department more visible in the neighborhoods. However, doing that takes resources and the department already has a tough time recruiting and retaining quality officers.

By working with an outside consultant and talking with employees, leaders and residents in the community hope to pinpoint what works and what doesn't.

Employees at all levels are meeting in small groups this week to voice their concerns and goals. They'll present their findings to city commissioners next week. The strategic planning process will take at least eight months. The city commission has not hired a consultant yet.