Denison Father Protests ISD

9-5-06 - A father of a former Denison High School student spent Tuesday morning picketing outside the Denison ISD building. Mel Carruth is upset over what he calls unfair punishments.

Carruth points to the punishment of two Denison students involved in hazing recently, versus the punishment of his son last year for bringing an air pistol to school and firing it. The hazing case resulted in one month of alternative school, while his son was suspended for an entire year.

The school district could not confirm the extent of the hazing punishments and would not respond to Carruth’s accusations. But district officials did say it all comes back to a standard of punishment set-up in their code of conduct.

There are three categories ranging from general violations to expulsion. Hazing and weapons possession appear under all three, so it leaves school officials with a great deal of discretion when it comes to punishment.

Carruth has pursued all of his son’s appeals, with no relief.

On a separate note, the Denison PD wrapped up their investigation of the hazing incident. They will submit their findings to the DA who will determine if any criminal charges should be filed.