Rough Roads Concern School

09-13-06 – There is a road dilemma in Lone Grove. The school says a road is too rough for its aging buses, and unless something is done it will no longer be able to pick up kids from their homes.

The superintendent called parents living along Ag Barn Road and told them their children would have to walk up to a quarter of a mile to meet the bus unless the road is repaired.

The question is, whose responsibility is it?

The county built the road in the 80s to provide access to the school's livestock building. Then, a developer bought land to build a mobile home addition. That deal fell through, and families started buying up individual lots.

In the end, the burden may fall on those who own property along the road to fix it.

City Manager Marianne Elfert of Lone Grove said, "We [are] working on it. The citizens deserve an answer. We're going to discuss it at our council meeting on the 18th. I'm hoping we can work out a cooperative quick fix."

The city and county are willing to provide the resources and manpower to repair the road, which may cost up to $7,000 if they decide to chip in.