HazMat Team in Carter County

09-14-06 - While situations like oil or hazardous material spills may be rare, they can still create major problems if not handled properly, and one of only two teams in Oklahoma certified to handle them is located in Carter County.

The team from a clean environment in Wilson set up shop at Tipps Point on Lake Texoma this week. The purpose of their mission is to re-certify their equipment and methods for handling oil spills on water. It's a problem that doesn't happen often, but when it does, these men will be trained to handle it.

Whether it's cleaning up an oil or fuel spill from a boat accident on the lake or preventing a hazardous material from making into a city's water supply, the team spent a week testing themselves on a number of different situations that ranged from containing a spill, to boat safety.

The team from ACE is also trained to assist on industrial fires as well as hurricane relief.