Employers Concerned with Skills of Workers

09-15-06 - The unemployment rates are low in Grayson County and even across the Red River in Bryan County, but a growing concern for employers is finding workers who are cut out for the job.

Every City is looking for the next big industry coming to town, but cities like Sherman, Denison, and even Durant are becoming concerned that if and when they do, there will not be enough skilled workers to keep them running.

Quickset in Denison is just one of dozens of local industries who count on hundreds of hardworking employees. Over the past month, other businesses like Tyson in Sherman and Cardinal Glass in Durant have expressed concern over being able to find skilled workers. WorkForce Texoma says it is normal for an employer to receive 100 applications and only 25 will meet the criteria. Basic math, reading, and computer skills are also becoming hard to come by.

Durant is holding a roundtable discussion on the topic next week, and more than a dozen local industries are signed up and looking forward to talking with Oklahoam WorkForce experts to come up with solutions.

WorkForce Texoma held a similar discussion while U.S. Senator John Cornyn was in town in August and since then the Boys & Girls Club and United Way have begun offering basic skills courses free of charge.