Wild Animal Behind Dog Killings?

9-18-06 - Two Lone Grove families have lost their dogs within two weeks of each other and they fear a mountain lion is to blame.

Cindi Hawkins let her 3-year-old Terrier Chihuahua mix out around 10PM Sunday night. She heard something come into her yard, and then her dog shrieked. The next thing she knew, he was gone.

Two weeks ago, her cousin’s Chihuahua was killed just up the road.

When searching for their pets, they found large tracks and animal remains.

They fear a mountain lion is the culprit.

"We have other animals. People have domesticated pets. Whatever it is, it's wild, hungry and it's apparently stalking, to be coming so close to homes and people's yards," says Hawkins.

We called the game warden out to investigate.

He said he received a call from a woman in the same area who saw her dog get attacked by a coyote. He believes that is what killed these pets as well.