3D anti-bullying program at Sherman High School

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ERMAN, TX - Research shows as many as 160 thousand students stay home on any given day, in fear of being bullied. Some Sherman High School students say it's time for change, and they're doing something about it.

Senior, Dani Jarvis, co-founded 3D, an anti-bullying education program as part of a "stop the violence" initiative.

"well seeing that a lot of kids are bullied every day, they're in fear of coming to school really hurts me I want them to be able to come to school and it be a safe zone." said Jarvis.

3D teaches students to "decide" who they hang out with, "define" what choices they make and to "deliver" what they take away from the program.

"Personally I have been bullied, not to the extent that I wanted to take my life, but I've had bullies in the past tell me that I'm not good enough or I'm not wearing the right clothes or that's a stupid answer to that question." Jarvis said.

Teacher, Symantha Murray, worked closely with Jarvis and a few other students for about 9 months to develop this program.
The goal, to put a stop to bullying by encouraging a better understanding and respect of individual differences.

"We were talking about how we wanted to create empathy among teachers and students and kind of break down those barriers between clicks." said Murray.

Murray says 3D is unique because it is 100 percent funded by local sponsors, free to students and completely student driven.

"I think if we can build students of good character then that will help them to realize how they should be acting and not to be a bully." Murray said.

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