Changes proposed to Oklahoma state flag

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CARTER COUNTY, Okla. ― People across the country take pride in their state's flag, but that symbol of pride could soon change for Oklahoma. Shelby Levins has details.

The Oklahoma state flag that flies today was adopted in 1925. The state name "Oklahoma" was then added to the flag in 1941. But today some state legislators are proposing to change the design.

The Oklahoma State House of Representatives is considering a bill that would alter the flag’s look. The bill came out of the International Relations and Tourism Committee. It proposes italicizing and angling the word "Oklahoma" and adding an exclamation point after it.

The bill is spearheaded by Republican State Representative Shane Jett.

"It just adds a little bit of Oklahoma pride in there and hopefully makes people ask, what are Oklahomas so proud of that makes them put an exclamation point after the name," Jett said.

Jett says it's more than an expression of pride, the updates could bring a lot of positive PR and thousands of dollars in tourism into the state.

"We could probably get - if you wanted to quantify it - hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pr for the state and maybe just maybe make somebody say let's go by and take a look at Oklahoma and when they get here spend a few tourism dollars," Jett said.

Carter County residents we talked to at the Southwest Historical Museum say they don’t want to see the flag changed.

“I like all of the colors. I like the connection with our Indian heritage, the shield and all of those things. I really don't see any need to change this,” museum volunteer Anna Heath says.

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