47th annual Whitesboro Peanut Festival

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WHITESBORO, TX -- Thousands turned out to Whitesboro's downtown Saturday- all for peanuts.

This is the 47th annual Peanut Festival. Each year locals gear up for live entertainment, a parade and of course the food.

More than 200 vendors lined the downtown area. One booth catching a lot of attention was this one. For donations visitors cracked eggs on this gentlemen's head. The money raised went to an orphanage.

Organizers say the festival started small, but has become something they look forward to all year long.

"When the guys started this they started with a little bitty group of people that were interested in developing downtown Whitesboro. And from that day and a few very strong people, they've expanded to the largest peanut festival in history today," organizer, Dee Lee said.

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