ORCA Grants Benefit Texoma Cities

Small towns across north Texas received over $1 million in state grants on Thursday. During a ceremony at the Texoma Council of Governments, 11 checks were presented to local cities and hospitals.

The Office of Rural Community Affairs was very generous to the Texoma area. Eleven different checks will be written out today, eight of them to rural cities, and three more to hospitals.

The city of Bonham is receiving $125,000 and already making plans to repave Fifth Street and add a new sewer line. While that's a lot of money, imagine what it means to the city of Ector, population 600, and their budget for road repair is $13,000 a year. They also are receiving $125,000, and that means they can fix some streets that have been broken for a long time.

ORCA is a state agency that focuses on economic and community development in rural Texas communities.

The following is an alphabetical list of honorees:
Grant Recipient/Award Amount/Program
City of Bells/$125,000/Community Development Fund
City of Bonham/$125,000/Community Development Fund
City of Bonham/$50,000/Disaster Relief Hurricane Katrina-Program Income Funds
City of Ector/$125,000/Community Development Fund
City of Leonard/$125,000/Community Development Fund
City of Savoy/$125,000/Community Development Fund
City of Trenton/$125,000/Community Development Fund
Dodd City/$125,000/Community Development Fund
Muenster Memorial Hospital/$50,000/Capital Improvement Loan Fund
Muenster Memorial Hospital/$9,279.75/Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program Grant
Northeast Medical Center/$40,000/Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program