Kingston Hopes to Muzzle Protestors

9-22-06 - Kingston residents are rallying around the family of a fallen soldier as they prepare for his funeral on Saturday in the face of a pending protest. Folks are making sure a loud minority aren't heard at all.

It's hard to comprehend how someone would could turn a funeral for a war hero into an anti-gay protest, but it's happened across the country, and this week folks in Kingston are doing all they can to drown out the voices of a loud minority.

The town has spent two days hanging ribbons and flags on nearly every pole they can find, all donated from local businesses. They are not only a symbol of support from the community but will hopefully serve as a stop sign to a group out of Kansas who has shown up at hundreds of other soldier funerals to protest. That group has been passing out fliers around town the last couple of days.

But the Williams family is not worried, saying tomorrow their son will be honored as the hero he is.