Budget Crunch Hits Bryan Co Sheriff

9-26-06 - There are serious questions in Bryan County over next year's budget. It's not unusual during budget hearings that different offices ask for more money, but this year, the needs are more dire than before.

This summer the sheriff’s office lost a patrol car, but there wasn't enough money in the budget to replace it.

When a local church got wind of the dilemma they donated a car.

In a budget workshop this morning, the sheriff submitted his wish list for more than $900,000. That's about $670,000 more than his office received last year.

But things are tight across the board in the county. Requests from all the offices totaled more than $4.1 million, but the county only has $2.2 million.

The county gets much of its money from property taxes and supplements that with a quarter cent sales tax still they say that quarter cent hasn't kept up with the growth.