Terrell Owens Denies Suicide Attempt

DALLAS (AP) - Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens says it was
not a suicide attempt that put him in the hospital last night. Owens said this afternoon at a news conference that he took someextra pain pills with some supplements, and that he became groggy.

Several Dallas media outlets this morning received a police report saying Owens had attempted suicide by overdosing on painkillers. But when the document was officially released by police, about half of it was blacked out -- including references to "attempting suicide by prescription pain medication" and "a drug overdose."

Owens says it's "absurd" to suggest that he took 35 pills. He also says he didn't have his stomach pumped at the hospital. Owens says his publicist made the emergency call because she was concerned that he was non-responsive.

Former Cowboys star Deion Sanders says he talked to Owens, and
that Owens "laughed at that notion" of it being a suicide attempt. Sanders told the N-F-L Network, where he works as an analyst, that "it was a case that medication that was taken wasn't accepted well in his system with the other vitamins he's on."