Speeders Plague Denison School Zone

9-27-06 - Neighbors and employees at a Denison elementary school are tired of drivers ignoring speed limit signs outside the school. First News was outside Layne Elementary with police and spotted several speeders in a short time.

Layne Elementary School sits at the bottom of a hill and over the years, it's grown. The cafeteria and playgrounds are across the street. Children cross three different crosswalks, and sometimes it is downright dangerous.

Twenty miles an hour is the law from seven-to-four, but teachers still see violations every day.

Officer Neumann usually patrols this area, so we asked him to come by on the lunch hour. One woman went home with a ticket for going eleven over the speed limit. A few minutes later, another car passed two speed limit signs and came over the hill at thirty miles an hour.

A viewer alerted us to the problem. She lives about a block away and says the speeding is a problem in the neighborhoods, too.