School Children Help With Iraq Rebuild

One local school district is running their own care package campaign. But its not just help for our soldiers. It's an effort rebuild an Iraqi school.

Called Operation Pencil Box, the school wide effort at Celina will assist Iraqi children mired in poverty and provide them with the tools for learning.

Monday, students packed up care packages for a troop they've adopted as well as massive boxes filled with pencils, paper, and other school supplies.

It's originally the idea of Patricia Kelly, an English teacher at the high school, whose son is currently serving in the fourth infantry division in Iraq.

After the initial Adopt-a-Troop Campaign, Kelly sprung into action when he reported home on the impoverished condition of one school in Tikrit.

The Celina School District hopes those package will reach the troops and the school within the next four weeks. They say they've taken precautions to make sure those packages will arrive on time.