Stranger Danger: Ardmore Parents Worried

9-28-06 - Parents in an Ardmore neighborhood are concerned about the recent presence of a friendly stranger, that some parents suspect may be targeting children.

For the past week and a half, the man has been targeting young children near Sixth Street and "A" Street northwest as they walk to and from school.

Last night, the man believed to be in his 60s pulled over in a red Dodge pickup to talk to a four-year-old girl standing in her yard. When her mom came out to confront him, she says he told her his wife left him a year ago. Now he likes to drive through the neighborhood looking at young girls and imagining what they will look like when they grow up.

A police officer was in the area at the time. She reported the incident to him. Police are investigating and patrolling the area. But there's no evidence suggesting he committed a crime, so the matter is out of their hands for now.

As word spread throughout the neighborhood, police learned he'd talked to other kids as well, asking them about their pets and what they enjoy doing after school.

Franklin Elementary is nearby. School officials are aware of the problem and on the look out for suspicious people in the area.