Trans Texas Corridor - Secrets Revealed

AUSTIN (AP) - Previously secret parts of a contract to develop the Trans-Texas Corridor that have been a contentious issue in the governor's race are going to be made public. That's what state officials said on Thursday.

The decision was announced at a Texas Transportation Commission meeting where a plan for the first phase of the proposed corridor was revealed. Because that plan is an update of an earlier proposal by the consortium Cintra-Zachry, all parts of that earlier document -- including those that were kept secret for proprietary reasons -- will be released.

That's what Amadeo Saenz, assistant executive director for engineering operations at the state transportation department, says.

He says that consequently, a transportation department lawsuit attempting to keep the contract secret will be dropped. Republican Governor Rick Perry, who proposed the Trans-Texas Corridor in 2002, has come under fire from opponents and anti-corridor activists in part because of the secret contract. Some are also mad because the giant toll road will take their land.

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