Hwy 289 Expansion Close to Reality

After being talked about for years, a multimillion dollar highway extension of 289 has just a few hurdles left to clear before construction is set to begin.

The blueprint for expanding 289 into northern Grayson County could be ready by the end of this year.

Right now Highway 289 runs from Dallas all the way to the 56 junction in Southmayd, but for years there have been plans to extend it all the way to FM 120 in Pottsboro. When it happens it will add a second corridor that runs from Dallas through Grayson County.

The Grayson County Airport would be one of the biggest benefactor's of the $55 million project. The new 289 would run right along its west side, providing exposure from the road.

If the new road is as well traveled as they think it will be, just about every business, town, and marina will get a taste of Dallas and big-time economic boost.

Construction is expected to take just over two years. Completion is targeted for 2009.