Thieves Rip Off Church ACs in Denison

9-28-06 - Thieves stole several air conditioning units from two area churches this week. It’s left Bible Baptist in Denison with no choice but to cancel a gospel jamboree planned for this Saturday night.

Pastor Bob Fogarty made the decision earlier this week, after thieves stole two compressor units on Saturday, and had the nerve to come back again on Monday and steal a third. He says without the units, the building will get too hot this weekend, which will cause their sound system to shut down.

It’s a similar story one block away at the Belmont Baptist Church. One unit was stolen there around the same time.

Thieves have targeted AC units often this summer. They harvest the copper wiring and coils out of the units to sell for salvage.

Neighbors have told the Pastor Fogarty that they've seen some unfamiliar vehicles driving around. The pastor believes its the work of a group of people, because the air conditioning units are so heavy.