Neighbors Concerned Over Oil Runoff

An oil spill left little damage to the environment but has caused plenty of concern near Lone Grove.

Gary Russell had to drill a new water well when saltwater runoff from a nearby oil field contaminated his drinking water, so when he saw oil running down his driveway Monday afternoon he got concerned."

But luckily for Russell, the oil that traveled about 150 yards when a fitting on a Phoenix Petro-Corp pumpjack broke yesterday only touched the surface, a relatively minor problem compared to the mess he was in a few years ago when his drinking water was contaminated. That case was settled out of court.

if oil is not cleaned up, rain can wash it into the water table over time. That's why the corporation commission made sure the oil company dug up the spilled oil with a backhoe then laid new dirt and gravel.

The Corporation Commission relies on the people to report incidents like these. If you're concerned about an oil spoil, they urge you to give them a call.

You can find contact information for the commission at