No Increase for Bryan County Sheriff's Budget

10-3-06 - The Bryan County Sheriff learned on Tuesday that his department would only receive just over 1/4 of what he requested for next year's budget. Sheriff Bill Sturch says $224,000 isn't enough to keep the public safe.

In the revised budget that will be finalized on Friday, the sheriff's department will be budgeted for the exact amount they received the previous year.

Sheriff Sturch had asked for just over $900,000.

He says they don't have the amount of deputies or the equipment he really needs, but commissioners say what extra money they had went to the county's most pressing problem: the jail, which now has a budget almost the size of the sheriff's.

“The jail is a money pit and will continue to be a money pit until we get a hold of some the problems that are going on,” said Sheriff Sturch.

And, the jail's budget could take a huge hit later this month.

A hearing with the State Department of Health has been set for October 17th to discuss health violations.

It’s possible the jail could face up to $700,000 dollars in fines.

Huck Nelson was appointed as the jail's new administrator on Monday. He has 27-years of experience in the Oklahoma DOC.