Adult Vandals Caught in Grayson Co

10-5-06 - Denison police say they caught two vandals in the act on Wednesday night and believe they could be connected to damages across Grayson County. Both men were shooting out windows with a slingshot.

The damage isn't anything drastic, small holes shot in windows of cars and trucks. But while it's only a little damage, it's in a lot of places.

Since Friday, 67 reports have been made in Denison and 31 more in Sherman. The Grayson Sheriff's Office also handled some cases. Each pane of glass costs anywhere from $200 to $1000. It looks like the work of juveniles, but it's not.

Denison police arrested two Fannin County adults. They say brothers Christopher and Raymond Harrison of Ravenna were caught red-handed using a slingshot and ball bearings to shoot windows in downtown Denison.

Sherman and Denison are working together to combine all the different cases together. If the amount of combined damage is more $1500, it becomes a state jail felony. If it's more than $20,000, which is very possible in this case, it becomes a third degree felony.