Bryan County Jailer Drunk on Job

10-13-06 - The Bryan County jail is once again at the center of an embarrassing situation. A Durant police officer arrested an on-duty jailer for public intoxication late Thursday night.

The officer initially responded to the jail at 10:30pm after a call that jailer Truydal Kinsey had allowed two unauthorized females into the auxiliary jail. When the officer arrived, two Bryan County deputies were already there. They advised that the officer should check the sobriety of Kinsey.

“I could smell a strong odor I associated with that of an alcoholic beverage, on his breath and person,” said Captain Ben Veenstra. “He swayed while standing and had red blood shot eyes. I asked Officer Chad Kirk to conduct Field Sobriety task on Mr. Kinsey. Mr. Kinsey was unsteady on his feet while performing these tests.”

Veenstra says the jailer failed to follow directions. At that point, the officer arrested Kinsey for public intoxication. Kinsey told the officer that there was an empty "bottle of alcohol in his car from the other day" and he also admitted to drinking. He was transported to the Bryan County jail’s main facility.