Local Page Recalls Time With Foley

10-13-06 - A congressional scandal has thrust a Sulphur native into the national spotlight. Bryce Chitwood served as a congressional page for Representative Wes Watkins from 2002 to 2003.

There, he worked closely with Florida Congressman Mark Foley as the page class president. So when Foley was accused of having improper relationships with male pages, Bryce began answering questions.

Bryce Chitwood is back on his family's dairy farm near Sulpur on a break from Washburn College in Indiana, but he couldn't escape the congressional scandal making headlines all across the country.

Chitwood bumped elbows with Foley in the Republican cloak room. The representative would talk to him about his job and future plans but never sent Bryce any Emails or Instant Messages.

While the news shocked Bryce, it didn't completely surprise him. Rumors ran around the page dorms, alleging Foley had improper relations with the class before his, but he wasn't as close to the class of 2003.

He fears it's put the page program in a negative light. But he'll defend the program to the end. It's what motivated him to major in political science and dream of becoming a politician someday.