Drive-by Shootings Plague Ardmore

It was just before midnight Tuesday night when Ardmore officers responded to a call of shots being fired in the neighborhood on the 200 block of H Street Northwest.

What they found was a home shot full of holes, but once again, very few clues. In all, officers believe 18 rounds were fired at the house. Another bullet missed its mark and wound up hitting a car parked down the street.

Incredibly, the woman who lives here was uninjured, despite the barrage of bullets that ripped through her bedroom. Most disturbing to officers is this marks the third report of this type of shooting in the past three days. On top of Monday afternoon’s drive-by, officers are also investigating reports of a shooting near Ardmore's Fraly Park. All three incidents were spread across the city, in different neighborhoods, for no apparent reason.

Police say right now they don't have any evidence to show that these shootings are related. If you have any information related to this case, call Ardmore Police at 580-223-1212.