Red Light Cameras May Target Drivers

10-16-06 - Drivers who run red lights in Sherman may soon find themselves being watched by remote cameras. The Sherman police chief is recommending that the city invest in red light cameras to enforce laws.

The chief presented the plan on Monday night to the city council. It comes after a test run in September showed 29 red light violations at the intersection of Grand and Brockett.

Selected stop lights on Texoma Parkway and highway 56 will also be equipped with the cameras, but the state will have to approve the addition.

Supporters say these cameras will be a good deterrent to those who do it on a regular basis. Once the violator is caught on tape, a ticket is mailed out by a monitoring service.

Officials say once the plan is approved and a contract is signed, cameras should be installed within 90 days.

There is no firm cost on the project yet, although some companies charge $5000 per month, per camera.