Dickson Considers Budget Cuts

10-23-06 - The city of Dickson is facing severe budget shortfalls. At least one city leader says the city could end up cutting back in the police department.

Trustees will meet in executive session Monday night to discuss the budget crisis. They say the police department may take the biggest hit unless money starts rolling in.

Trustees don't want the town to become a speed trap, but September citations didn't generate enough money to pay for gas let alone officer salary.

Trustees say they lost $17,000 through the police force in the last three months combined. To top that off, a busy fire season drained the fire department's budget.

The city of Dickson’s tax base isn't enough to support both departments, and trustees say the police force leaves the biggest room for change.

They say the last resort is letting officers go, but it might come down to that.