Murray County Preps for Ardmore Growth

Recent economic success in Ardmore has leaders in a neighboring county optimistic. As Ardmore prepares for growth, Davis and Sulphur are doing the same.

Members of the Murray County Long Range Task Force met with Ardmore Development Authority officials Tuesday to get a feel for expansion at the Ardmore Air Park.

With the air park just 10 miles from Davis, they realize they better get ready for industries like MG to come to town.

They realize yesterday they have a long way to go to accommodate the hundreds of jobs seekers that could move into the area.

There's a shortage of homes for middle income families and infrastructure shortfalls such as roads, sewer and drainage problems are delaying development.

Both schools are bursting at the seams with students, especially in the elementary levels and the Arbuckle Hospital isn't staffed to accommodate a growing city.

Growth in Sulphur concerns folks as well. About the time MG starts production in 2008, the Chickasaw Cultural Museum And Hotel will open, bringing tourists and jobs to the area.

Murray County officials want your input. They've organized a meeting set for November 15 and are inviting builders, retail owners, school officials and health care workers to brainstorm ideas for growth.