World Champion Livestock Auctioneer

10-30-06 - A special treat for local cattle ranchers as the World Champion Livestock Auctioneer wielded the gavel at a Durant auction barn in October.

Our own Nicole Holt met the man behind the microphone, who has a knack for the fast paced world of auctioning.

David Macedo has grown up in the livestock market and says that being an auctioneer has come natural. In fact it's not often he's at a loss for words. But it's his life history that will surprise you.

You would never know by the fast past talking that this auctioneer is a former mayor and city councilman out of California. But it's true. World Champion Auctioneer David Macedo travels all over the country for the Livestock Marketing Association, emceeing contest and auctioning off cattle. But he's here in Durant, Oklahoma to help out a friend.

"Billy Perrin is my friend and I wanted to come do a sale. I’m traveling to Sulpher Springs, Texas. There’s a regional contest to qualify for the world championships. I will be emceeing that and introducing the contestants and kind of guiding the contest. But I had to come help Billy he is one of the great advocates for the Live Stock Marketing Industry and he’s right here in Durant, Oklahoma.

Now Macedo travels all around the country judging these contests. Being an auctioneer was not his original plan, he entered college wanting to be a dentist. But it was his family business that would keep him from that.....

"My family's owned a livestock market since 1939, so I was basically raised in a livestock market. Being an auctioneer was what I was going to be. I was too lazy to work, so I got behind a microphone."

Macedo is currently the 2006 World Livestock Auctioneer Champion. Macedo and his wife and their two children live on his families farm in Tulare, California.

Macedo and the 2003 World Champion both stopped by in Durant last Tuesday to help with the auction. Both plan to return sometime in the future.