A+ Athlete: Emily Valles

9-29-06 - A leader on and off the field and court makes Emily Valles an A+ Athlete.

Whether it's shooting hoops, hitting the ball, or hitting the books, Emily Valles is sure to succeed.

Robbee Tonubee, Emily's math teacher says, "For someone to be that in an academic setting is enough. But to know that she's that in the academic, organizations, in the sports, and the community, that's outstanding.

The 17-year-old Calera High School teen makes sure her time is spend doing the things she loves. But that doesn't always mean having fun.

Emily says, "grades are a privilege to get to play sports and everything after that, extra curricular things come after that. Like my moms always told me, my parents have always told me, your grades will reflect where you go to college and what you are going to do. It just sets the pace."

A four year Letterman in both fast-pitched softball and basketball, Emily's attitude and performance is equally outstanding.

Owen Dickson, Emily's basketball coach says, "One of a kind. A girl every coach would love to have. Actually 15-20 of her. She's very dependable."

The honor student is valedictorian of her class. The President of Calera's Student Council, and Vice-President of FFA, just to name a few activities.

Emily plans to attend Oklahoma City University next fall and plans to major in Pre-Med.