Four-Year Higher Ed Plans on Halt for Ardmore

10-30-06 - Plans for progress at the Ardmore Higher Education Center have been put on hold by state regents. Local leaders wanted to create a four-year university plan, but this month, the state chancellor told the board to bring their plans to a halt.

In a letter sent this week, Interim Chancellor Phil Moss said, "The activities related to Branch Campus planning are premature and not essential to your role as director and CEO."

Board members were preparing to conduct a master plan to seek proposals from institutions wanting to serve has host, but the chancellor says they cannot take those actions until the state legislature gives them the go-ahead.

The puzzled members of the board say since the idea was introduced a year and a half ago, they have been in constant contact with area lawmakers and state regents.

Under the advice from an attorney, Higher Ed officials have asked the state attorney general to clarify the chancellor's statement.

Board Chair Andre Moore said, "We were sort of disappointed. The process may be delayed because of this community at this time we're leaving it open to interpretation."

Board members were hoping to present a proposal to legislators when they convene next year. However, that doesn't look likely now.

While they have put a hold on a market analysis and seeking proposals from institutions, board members are still searching for a site to build the new facility.